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Last updated on September 2, 2020

Hello dear reader !

Happy New Year ! I wish you success and happiness for this new exciting year.

No, no need to wish me the same… 2019 will be amazing! For sure.

If you followed my adventures last year, you know I was working hard since mid-2018 to find success in creating a new career. A new life. And really really hard these last few weeks to be ready for 2019.

By reading this blog, you understand expatriation is an addiction. A hobby. A goal. My way of life.

So I discovered this new job on a job ad. Shipboard HR Manager… Human Resources… On a ship?!!!!! Being a HR professional while travelling around the world? Discovering new ways of working and a new vision of HR?! “This position is for me”, I thought. It wasn’t really. I don’t have sea legs and never worked in a total institution. But I wanted to be a HR Manager on a vessel. So I am now. And more than ready to start.

I will jump into this exceptional adventure on the 6th of January. I advise you to watch this space carefully 😉 More posts will come, telling my stories, the sea life and the job of course.

If you have any question, any topic you would like me to cover and explain, don’t hesitate to comment this post.

Ciao !


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