About me


It’s good to write all these posts about expatriation, about my stories… But who am I? Not really nice to tell stories without introducing yourself at the first place… Sorry. Let me fix this mistake.

My name is Kevin. I’m 29 and I am French, from Paris district. I am specialized in Human Resources since high school, and I studied HR in College and University as well, following an apprenticeship programme.
My experience is quite diversified. I worked in services, industry, hospitality…

I have a strong interest in travelling. For a very long time. When I was a kid, my friends were telling me their stories about their holidays abroad, their adventures with their parents, the beautiful landscapes, etc. I was a little bit (very) jealous. No no, don’t start to cry, I was very happy to go on holiday with my parents to the different french regions. My family didn’t have the money to go on holiday abroad, so I set the goal to travel as soon as I will start to work, with my own money.

I have started my adventures with a linguistic trip, with my high school, in Spain. Plus, a HR program to the US with my Master’s degree. Then, at the end of my apprenticeship, my incomes were higher, so I could go to Norway, Croatia, Belgium, Canada… I enjoyed all these trips!
Discovering the people’s way of life (I didn’t stay in touristic hotels…), other cultures, new landscapes, etc. It became a passion.

So, in 2016, I left France. I needed to leave Paris, its stress and the selfish and egocentric people. I also wanted to improve my English skills because I have found obstacles in my career.

I started expatriation with Ireland, then the UK (I invite you to discover these experiences in the appropriate parts), and who knows what’s next…?!

I am also a huge fan of photography (especially landscapes). It’s a little bit cliché (I offer this pun as a gift for you) to love photography and to be a travel addict, I have to admit…
I am equipped with a Nikon D3200 and a 18-105mm lens. I am absolutely not a pro and I only use my camera on my trips or during my hikes. My skills improve over time. And as we are in the era of the smartphone/photophone, I daily use a LG G6. (there’s no ad in this section)

I have a very open-minded personality (it is quite necessary if you want to expatriate and to live within new cultures actually…). I was quite shy , I’ve learnt to get out of my comfort zone and to push myself to meet new people, break languages’ barriers, etc.

I am always glad to discuss about all different type of topics. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on all the topics I talk about in this blog. I will be happy to help you!

Happy reading!