The job seeking

I talked about this topic in more details in the HR abroad section (to be released in English language soon) because I was only seeking in my field, and I don’t want to repeat 😉

Globally, to find a job, you can use the following websites:

Also, have a look on the specialized recruitment agencies according to your seeking.

Dublin is an international city and Ireland applies a low tax on companies, attracting many international firms. You will find a lot of companies looking for international candidates, mainly to cover Europe. Dublin is an excellent destination to learn English language, and find a job without perfectly understanding the language of Shakespeare.
The firms will offer opportunities in call centres as a phone agent. Indeed, most of sells’ customers’ supports for Europe are in Dublin: Axa, Google, Airbnb, etc. I won’t give you the entire list. These jobs are the most wanted by the expatriates because the only required competence is the linguistic skill. These positions are not well-payed (this is also the reason why companies build their support in Ireland) with restrictive schedules (you often work on a shift pattern, week and weekend, during long hours). But this is also the simplest way to get a wage when you don’t speak English very well, without any Irish experience, in a city where the cost of life is unbelievable!
This is not the ideal solution of course, when your goal is to learn English language, because you will speak your mother tongue all day long and you will often be seated in the open space with other people speaking the same language as you. However, on a short-term, this is a good method to settle in the city, get some money and pay your English lessons for example.

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