The V.I.E. Experience

Position: Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) in an international aerospace company.
Assignment: United Kingdom (Cardiff, Wales)

To really understand my experience, my benefits, my difficulties, I invite you to read the section Expatriation contract to understand the specificities of this mysterious expatriation contract, that makes things… complicated sometimes.

So I gave you the occasion to have an overview on the contract, let’s get to the heart of the matter: my VIE experience! Nothing better than telling you about my adventure, to explain to you the machinery, the difficulties and the successes I’ve met! Be careful, I remind you that this blog is based on my personal experience. The problems I’ve met might not be yours. Or others will pop on your path but I can’t talk about it. Everything I talk about in this blog have to give you the idea that expatriation is a unique and personal topic. All experiences and opinions you will read will have the only purpose to prepare yourself, to warn you and to motivate you. Unfortunately (or fortunately actually), it is impossible to anticipate what will happen during YOUR adventure.

To quickly reach the page, just on the link below:

The Decision
Before the Departure
The Chaotic Arrival
Positive Attitude!
Find a Flat and Move in
Life with a VIE Allowance
The Bank
The Relationship with Business France

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