Ireland was my first destination. My first expatriation.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t my first idea though. After a dream holiday in Canada, I first wanted to move in Ontario. I applied for a work/holiday visa and I got it. Then I started my research on the culture, the language, etc. But I talk about this work in an other part: Choose your destination. With the results, I realized I wasn’t ready to go abroad so far for my first expatriation and to a country where the culture is so different to mine. Also where I would meet so many difficulties to build friendships or get a job in my area of expertise.
When I was in Paris, I was working with a partner/supplier, French guy, based in Dublin (Ireland). I asked him a lot of questions about his expatriation, and his positive experience encouraged me to do the same. He had the same thought about an expatriation to Canada, and had the same fears. He talked to me about his experience in Dublin, about the Irish people, the culture, and I felt I could fit in.I always wanted to go abroad and hesitated for a long time. Now that I had this motivation, I had to be quick before loosing it! We have to strike while the iron is hot 😉 If you think too much, for too long, you risk to hesitate again, to ask you if it was a good idea after… If you are not going to fail…
So I gave my resignation (1st mistake) and had only 2 months to be prepared (knowing that I was working during these 2 months). I give you the short version. I was a little bit stupid. An expatriation has to be prepared a long time in advance. I’ve done nothing on the 1st month and, during the 2nd month, I had to finish everything to prepare the transition with my team… and prepare my departure! (flat, furniture, bank, mail, etc.). Well, one month is not enough and I had to continue my paperwork in Ireland. Not the must if you want my opinion.

My plan for the beginning was simple. I had booked lessons in a school of English for a month, including accommodation with an Irish host family. It was really expensive but at least, I knew how to keep me busy in the morning (school), in the afternoon (visit, activities with my schoolmates, job and flat seeking) and in the evening (parties with my new friends). All of this during one month. Not everyone can afford it, it was a little gift to myself, to relax after a stressful professional experience. Ideal to free my mind and to focus on Ireland. Well, to enjoy actually!

I let you discover this fantastic first experience through the different parts below 😉

The school of English

Job seeking

To find an accommodation

The relationship with the beer and the pub

Clubs’ parties

The city tour (Dublin)

Public transportation



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