The Politeness

Well yeah, you can imagine that if a British character in a movie is polite, they are also polite in real life.

The British says sorry. All the time. To everyone. For any reason.
Have you ever tried to explain something but your lame accent and your poor vocabulary took you? The British apologizes for not understanding. Whereas you should make efforts.
You shoved a British? The British will apologize.
The British discusses with you and doesn’t pay attention to his surroundings, and bumped into a tree? He will apologize to this tree.
Do you think I exagerate? Mmmmh… No I don’t think so. You’ll see by yourself.

The British will say thank you. Hi. Good bye.

“But… Why politeness, that is learned from an early age, and not just in the UK actually, is one of the things that caught your attention??”

Well, because I’m from Paris! So it feels weird to experience it. In Paris, you are shocked when you hold the door and that the other person thanks you. In the UK, it’s the contrary.
So it’s basic, I agree, but it is so pleasant to see politeness and courtesy on a daily basis.

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