Public transports are very expansive and having a car in Dublin is also expensive (insurances are costing and you can’t find nowhere to park in town). The economic solution stays the bike. And you will see them eeeeeeeeeeverywhere! A lot of Dubliners use the bike to move. The city built many bike paths and bicycle parkings pretty much everywhere, on every street.

It’s nice, it’s cool, it’s good for the planet. Yeah but be careful. Bicycle is a juicy market in Dublin. The cost of life is really high and the demand is important as well, so the bikes are expensive too. Of course, in this situation, you will seek for a cheap brand new bike or a second-hand bike. And this is where the frauds might start. Sellers can try to swindle you by offering you a quite cheap bike, looking good actually, but with many faults, if they see you as a novice. If you don’t what to check, they’ll try to mask a bike in a very bad condition (brakes, rust, etc.). It risks to cost you a lot in spare parts. I am not an expert and I didn’t have a bike, so I invite you to look on other articles online to know what to check on a bike before buying it.

If you buy a bike, immediately buy a bike lock. Straight away. Even before taking the bike! Even before buying it. Theft are very common. Be careful to where you park your bike. Make sure this is a lighted and passer-by street. Correctly locked. And don’t let it outside an entire night. It won’t stay anyway. If you set up your bike lock correctly, it will only miss the few non-protected parts, otherwise, the whole bike will disappear.

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