Car Insurance

The insurances have the same operation than in France (third party and fully comprehensive) with all different options we can find (fire, theft, etc.). Prices are similar to France as well.
The big difference is the breakdown. It’s not covered by the insurances. A flat tire, an empty tank, electrical problem or engine issue, etc. Anyway, you get stuck on the road, without any way to continue your journey, without being involved in an accident, the insurance won’t do anything for you, because, in the UK, this is not their role. The insurance protects you against accidents and frauds, but not breakdowns. So when it happens, the British call different organisations. 2 are very well-known and are associations: RAC and AA. First option, you don’t have a membership and you will have to pay for the operation. Or, depending on your membership, a certain number of operations will be free each year.

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