If you live in China, India, Thailand, Pakistan, etc. (I can give many examples), you are going to miss something. You will drive, as usual, but you will notice that something is missing on the road… Impossible to know what… Oh wait, motorcycles of course! Scooters!
There are hardly any in the UK. Yeah well, it rains all the time… Not really ideal to use a motorbike. And you’re not wrong, my friend! It’s probably the reason.
So, no damn motorcucles, especially no scooters, to arrive at high speed between the road lanes, thinking that the road is a game, and that cars drivers should be the ones who must be careful. That driving between 2 lanes is taken for granted and that you can be insulted if you don’t move away! It is true that in some places, some countries, it’s allowed. Still dangerous actually… But anyway…
Less motorcycles on the road so muuuuuch less accidents on the road too. Less idiots riding motorcycles and rushing between lanes, thereby, idiots in cars, who don’t know how to check their mirrors and then use their indicators (in this particular sequence, I insist), causing fewer accidents.

However, no thank you! Never! You might move away to leave some space so they ride between lanes, no one will thank you… Not cool.

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