The Dinner

Dinner time (and sometimes too) is a well-known cultural difference. Spanish people eat late and British people eat early. French are usually right between Spanish and British times. British people usually eat around 6pm-6.30pm. It was a little bit weird when I received my first dinner invitation. I expected an aperitive at 6pm. But when I went there, the beef stew was hot and rady to be served. What a surprise for me!
However, there is a logic to that. At work, the Brit’ doesn’t eat a lot during his/her lunch break, not even a real meal most of the time. And doesn’t drink a lot of coffee like French people, all day long, which is an appetite suppressant. Not a surprise if he/she is hungry at 6pm.

One tip for the restaurants. If you are not in London, that adapts to the habits of its many nationalities and cultures, you can be very surprised when you will see the restaurants’ closing times. 10.30pm-11pm. Yep but, actually, they have lunch quite early and don’t stay at the table a long time (not like the French 🙂 ). So anticipate if you wan’t to go out for dinner. Don’t do it at the last minute.

But enough talking about food! Let’s be more sophisticated, would you? => Tea Time.

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