Open-minded and Generous

It could seem a little bit naive but… I come from France where people are not the most open-minded and the nicest, and, mostly, I come from Paris! I am used to see unhappy people in the subway, who push you to get on before you have to time to get off. I am used to the grumpy waiters who will refuse your order when it will take too much of their time, who will push you to order more, or to push you to make a quick decision. Anyway, I could do the list of all these well-known behaviours, but there would be too many!
All this to tell you that when you visit/move to the UK (I am talking about the entire territory except London), it’s kind of a shock to see people you don’t know who smile at you or even take some of their time for you. I never had a single person who refused to help me (or who rushed an explanation). When I am lost on the street or when I ask for an advice for example.
Shopkeepers are also very smiling too.
In addition, when they notice your accent, they are also very interested to know where you come from. And they will ask you a lot of questions. Without ever judging.

I also met difficulties to find an accommodation at the beginning. I rented a bedroom on Airbnb for a week. The week after, it was graduation at the local University + 2 Coldplays concerts…. And the 1st tourists were on the way too. Everything was booked!
I was starting my new job, I was very busy all week, and real estate agencies don’t organize visits after 5pm… So… Being homeless started to be an option actually. Could you imagine my stress? To live in a country, a city, that you don’t know. You don’t know anyone neither. Being extremely busy so you can’t look for a flat properly…
And in that moment, you experience the goodness of the British people. The Airbnb landlord offered me to stay 2 more nights. For free. No one was occupying the room so she offered me to stay.
And several persons in the office offered me to stay in their guest room, temporary, while I find something else. Joy quickly returned to my heart!
It’s a very pleasant experience to live as well 😉

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