Mobile Phone Plans and Internet

I used to complain a lot in France (noooooo! Really?! I would never imagine French people like that) about how much we had to pay for a sim plan…
Well, French people complained and now you can find a sim plan with unlimited calls & texts + a few Go of internet for only 5€ per month. Not bad actually.
In the UK, such an offer doesn’t exist and you will have to anticipate a larger budget. Same for the fiber internet, don’t expect to find an offer for 10-20€ like in France 😉

Regarding the mobile telephony, 2 plan exist: Pay as you go and the classic engagement.
In the UK, the Pay as you go plan is still very popular! It’s cheaper than the 12/24-month plan and you are not commited to any phone operator. You can leave your actual operator anytime and keep your phone number.
To give you an example, I used to pay £15 per month with a Pay as you go plan for 2-hour calls, unlimited texts and 5Go of Internet per month. The operator kept the unused minutes of call and unused internet date and, every 3 months, I could choose additional hours of call or additional internet data, for free.

The alternative is the subscription. They are 2 types of them, classic in Europe and around the world as well. The 12-month/24-month contract and the 1-month contract. The British often chose this offer when they want to pay their phone month by month (and not all in once) and when they want to change their phone regularly.
I changed my Pay as you go plan to a monthly plan as soon as I saw a discounted plan. It’s actually the only time it’s worth it.
Now, I have a 12-month plan, unlimited calls & texts and 16Go of Internet for only £21 per month. It’s expensive but I have a Premium Spotify access included with this offer (instead of £9.99 per month). At the end, I save a little bit compared to the Pay as you go plan.

Regarding the phone operators, there are many. The main ones are EE, Vodafone and O2. But up to you to research according to your needs!

About Internet, the fiber is not an offer as common as in other countries. There are still plenty of ADSL offers, because they are expensive and the fiber is even more expensive!
Depending on the operator and the desired broadband internet, the fiber can cost you £50 per month, £70 with TV! If I compare with France, I can pay…10€ per month for the same offer.

Same as for the mobile telephony, the UK is open to competition. The main operators are BT, Vodafone and Virgin.

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