Work-Life Balance

Indeed, a British won’t take a real lunch break and will end the workday at 5pm-5.30pm, starting at 8.30am-9am. From a french point of view, we can actually see the British as lazy (you can’t even dream about leaving work at 5pm in France!). I admit it, I had this reaction at the beginning. Because in my frenchy culture, the later you stay at work, the more you boss and colleagues like you. The guy stays late, he’s busy, he’s important… Wow! (Fortunately, the situation changes a little bit in France).
The British understood a simple thing: to get a life. And to enjoy it!
I remember when I was in France and a few colleagues or friends were complaining (but not really to complain actually, just to draw attention to them) to stay at work until 7…8…9pm. Well, this is your choice. And if you don’t know how to organize your day, that’s your problem. If your workload is too important, talk ot your boss. Anyway, we don’t care about your unpaid overtime!
I really like the attitude of the British. It suits me better. I don’t work less. But more intensively basically. Not 1000 coffee breaks that last 10-15 minutes (sometimes more) with your colleagues. Not endless lunch breaks… However, at 5pm, I leave the workplace, with a free mind, with lots of hours before the end of the day. So I have a drink with my coworkers, or with friends (or I do both sometimes). While the French stays late just to tell everyone that he/she is a hard worker, I laugh, I drink, I eat, I have fun, I live.

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