Interest in the Queen

Well, I can’t miss this topic. It’s a very well-known cliché about the British. And it’s true. They love their Queen and respect a lot for the most important personality in the UK. Of course, they do respect the royal family too.
The monarchy as such doesn’t exist in the UK for a very long time. It’s now a parliamentary monarchy if I’m not mistaken. But the Queen doesn’t rule.
We often say the Queen reigns but doesn’t govern. Also true. She nominates the Prime Minister, taking into account the opinion of the population, but doesn’t make any decision for the government and doesn’t rule the country. However, she gives her point of view about politic, news, etc., to the Prime Minister, on a weekly basis.

But she still says a very liked public personality in the UK, as well as the rest of the family. I may have talked about it with the British, they could never give me a valid reason justifying this “love”. It is what it is. It’s part of the culture.
I especially noticed this interest during the wedding of Harry and Meghan. Yeah well because the royal family is not a topic that is in the middle of all conversations between friends or in family at every meal. But when the event comes, the British only talk about that and are very concerned about this particular topic.
They talked about this wedding for weeks and months! And just before the D-Day, I saw lots of people asking each other what were the plans to assist the event.
They were meeting at the pub, or in someone’s house and organized a lunch, etc. It was something really important to them. They were talking about each detail, rumor, they learned about the course of the day. And they debriefed the week that followed!

What’s sure, is that French people will never have such interest in their leaders. Of course, it’s the same for many countries!

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