Clubs’ parties

There is another thing that shocked me in Ireland. The way they go out to party is definitely not the same mind-set. A lot of Irish people like to go out to meet friends and to have a drink. No problem or difference on that. However, many of them organise a party, especially in the weekend, with the sole purpose of not remembering it the next day.
The womankind is just as inclined to have this kind of parties as the mankind. They party with friends and drink for hours until they finish on the pavement. I observed more women than men in this situation…
What we could also observe is the clothing. Irish people go out with “light” clothing. What is especially surprising is that they dress up the same in June or in December…! Men usually just wear a shirt (or with a jacket) and women wear light and short dresses (really short…). Certainly, they avoid cloakroom’s fees.

The show is interesting and I advise you to go to Harcourt Street/Camden Street around 3am…

Some addresses for you. Like the pubs… List non-exhaustive and according my tastes (and I prefer pubs than clubs). Up to you to discover the city to find places you like.

  • Howl at the moon: This is the club I’ve spent my Halloween party. Huge!
  • Dicey’s Garden: Students rendez-vous. Drinks are cheap. The place is big.

Here you go… That’s it. I told you I didn’t really like the clubs.

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