Happy International HR Day!

Happy International HR Day!

Congratulations and thank you to all my friends and colleagues who are doing an amazing work in these difficult times.

I am very proud to be an International HR today, to have the opportunity and the chance to work with so many nationalities and cultures.
HR is so much more than just “the guy who fires people” or “the guy who rejects applications” as I have heard so many times.

Did you actually know that HR professionals are one of the rarest people in an organisation who are ready to learn new competencies and new jobs in order to better understand the business and to better support the employees? Their difficulties, their routine, their expectations… Here is a few examples of many “extra” jobs I completed 😉

HR is a passion. A passion for you, people.

Happy International HR Day to all who support their crew, cast and employees, on a ship, at the office and at home.

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