Happy World Maritime Day 2020!

Happy World Maritime Day!

I know we celebrated the Day of the Seafarer 3 months ago…. But this is not a reason not to celebrate the Word Maritime Day!


This year, the theme is the continuation of the IMO’s “fight” (International Maritime Organization) that I shared with you last June: Seafarers are Key Workers, and follows the United Nations’ Sustainable Goals.

A sustainable industry

During the pandemic, the maritime industry continued to carry around 80% of global trade: food, medical supplies, etc. These goods were, and still are, essential every day. As I already explained in my previous post, we could still continue to live our normal lives thanks to the shipping industry that didn’t stop its activity during the COVID-19 crisis.

The ships continued to serve the world in order to save the present and to bring us a future.

All my thoughts are with my colleagues around the world, fighting this crisis on their ship or waiting for their return ticket to their vessel.

To learn more about this topic, I invite you to visit the IMO’s website.


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The author is a cruise ship officer and loves travelling around the world. He started the expatriation adventure in 2016. He is passionate about learning new cultures, about local food & beer. *Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my current employer or my previous employers*

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