First impression

Here we are ! I finished my first contract as an Officer onboard a cruise ship…

Wow….! I have to admit, it was an experience indeed !

A lot of first times with this new adventure! So let me give you my first impression 😉 As plenty of you actually asked me…


This is a complete different life. You work and live in a very unique environment. Well… It’s the ocean actually! And this is definitely not a way of life for everyone.


You work really hard. I mean… Really! I used to work in France when you work 35 hours a week. Or in the UK with 37-38 hours. Plus, you rest during the weekend. 
On a cruise ship, I work minimum 10 hours a day. Minimum. And when I rest, but not in my cabin, I am still on duty and can be stopped by any crew member for any type of query. I also can be called anytime during the day…. Or at night… 
I think it won’t be necessary to add that I work also on Saturdays and Sundays…?


However, there is a lot of rewards. I can sea (see…lol…no? ok…) the world while I am paid to do it.
Actually, check here see all my travels.

And I am well-paid! I meet a lot of different people with amazing cultures. Also, I develop my HR skills very very quickly. I think in 4 months, I grew up like I was on land for a 1 or 2 years. Impressive, right?!

So… Yeah ! I will continue this job for a while. You already asked me if I will see myself in this position and this way of life for the next 10 years… But I don’t know. I am going to enjoy it for now and I will prepare the next step… When I will be ready to start a new chapter 😉

I am so happy that I was given this new opportunity that I accepted to short my vacation (1 month instead of 2) so I can join my next ship in Alaska! I will go to Northern Europe right after that.

Next topic… My job! I will talk to you about what I am doing every day



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